HARBRIDGE AND CROSS – 2nd Annual Health & Safety Awards

On July 24, 2020 Harbridge + Cross held its 2nd Annual Health and Safety Awards over Zoom Video Conference. The event highlighted a number of initiatives including the company safety performance throughout 2019, trend analysis, lessons learned and a previous of 2020 program changes.

The event also honored our safety award recipients, whom have exemplified outstanding health and safety performance throughout the year. The event began with a Speech from the President Sam Kumar who acknowledged his appreciation to staff in their resolve to remain united over the COVID-19 pandemic. “If this pandemic has taught me one thing, its that we are surrounded by a resounding team of individuals whose dedication are in line with the highest of integrity that this company has come to know.”

Next, the President highlighted a Safety moment in which early in the week a worker fell a vertical distance of 3 meters through a roof opening. Although the worker was not hurt, this reminds us of a sobering lesson that accidents can occur anywhere and that we must all do our part to verify that floor and roof openings are covered and protected.

RoundTable Discussion on Safety: The Safety Manager reviewed the RoundTable Discussion on Safety by highlighting the company achievements in 2019. This included, the results of The Safety Goal “Get workers involved in the workplace inspection process”. Over the year, participates achieved a combined 94% in worker participation. Next, the 2019 Health and Safety Statistics showed that the company reported a total of 20 First aids, 1 Medical aid and 23 Incidents. Using
this information, the Safety Department was able to develop Lessons
Learned centered around: 

  1. Proper hoisting techniques
  2. Electrical contact
  3. Lockup workplace end of shift
  4. Chemical spill cleanup 

Additionally, in 2019 Harbridge +
Cross was successful in achieving the
IHSA COR certificate with a final
external audit score of 94%.

At the start of 2020 the company set out with two safety goals:
Improve Hazard and First aid reporting by 15% from the previous
year. To achieve these goals, the Safety Department has updated the
safety manual to include:
    1. Document Management plan
    2. Policy Statement on each chapter
    3. Hazard Assessment on each chapter and,
    4. Enhanced procedural steps.
Next, our new training programs have been updated to educate staff
on the new measures surrounding the Hazard Assessment process,
Emergency response plan, Supervisor due diligence and WSIB
reporting. We invite all staff members to visit our YOUTUBE page.

Safety Award Recipients:
Lastly, our Safety Award presentation was concluded with a speech
from our Vice President Bill Water who highlighted the importants
safety plays in the organization including,
     • Enhance the bottom line,
     • Minimize injuries and incidents and,
     • Promote employee satisfaction.
In order to achieve our Safety goals every member must do their part
to support a strong safety culture.
This year’s Safety Awards are presented to:
Office Safety Award – Odette Cariage
Site Management Award – Bradley Teasdale
Field Safety Award – Michael Muia