RETIREMENT PARTY – Brian Harwood, Marcello Lirangi and Roger Taylor

Harbridge + Cross recognizes the importance of teamwork and the ongoing commitments of its Supervisors and Workers all striving toward a common goal which is the success of the company for the last 50-years.                                      On June 5, 2019, the staff and management of Harbridge + Cross paid tribute to our retirees Brian Harwood, Marcello Lirangi and Roger Taylor for their outstanding dedication to Harbridge + Cross at the Trimani Ristorante in Woodbridge.

The celebration was festive with songs, stories and memories of their accomplishments. Together these 3 men have dedicated a total of 107 years of their lives working with Harbridge + Cross – a company which has entered its 52nd year of operation. During the celebration, the President Sam Kumar, expressed profound words of appreciation to each of these men. Roger Taylor was first employed by Harbridge + Cross in 1980 and has put in 30 years with the company. He started as a site Superintendent working on an addition to the Dover Elevator plant in Scarborough. After a short work stay in Saudi Arabia, he returned to Harbridge + Cross to work on the Markham Theatre – a signature Project of the company.

After a few more projects he became the General Superintendent of the company after the retirement of Howard Ash. After a few more years, he finished his career as a Project Manager. As a Project Manager Roger completed over 100 projects for Harbridge + Cross. Brian Harwood immigrated to Canada in 1972. In 1982 Harbridge + Cross hired Brian as a site Superintendent to work on the McMichael Art Gallery. He also worked at the UTM Terrence Donnelly Health Science complex which won the Governor General Award in 2012. During his time, it was very clear that carpenters make the very best site superintendents. In 1999, Brian was promoted to the position of General Superintendent. In total, Brian worked 33 years with Harbridge + Cross.

Marcello Lirangi was the heart and soul of Harbridge + Cross for the last 44 years, a feet not matched by any other employee. He was first hired in September 1974 and was always punctual and never hesitated to travel to any project including the Bruce Peninsula Plant. He was a favorite worker of all superintendents and it was very difficult to get him away to other sites. He was instrumental in training both Superintendents and Project Managers and he will sorely be missed. On behalf of all past and present employees, we at Harbridge + Cross thank you for your service, your commitment and your shining example of leadership. Enjoy Retirement.