LEAUGE OF CHAMPIONS George Brown College Work Safety Leadership

On January 23, 2020 The Harbridge + Cross Health & Safety department alongside League of Champions members participated in the annual George Brown College Work Safety Leadership event. The goal of this event is to provide students career advice in the construction industry as well as to provide firsthand knowledge on the important of workplace health and safety.

Students activity participated in key discussions by posing questions to League of Champion members including how to gain employment with member companies, how to improve health & safety within their own company and how to overcome challenging safety cultures. All participants were all awarded $20 each for their contributions to the discussion.

The League of Champions (LOC) is an organization within the (OGCA) Ontario General Contractors Association that promote companies that have excelled in promoting health & safety within their organization. Additionally, these members give back to their communities, create safety awareness and drive innovation and standards within the industry.

These types of discussions are important for
the League of Champion’s because it allows us
to understand the challenges students face
when entering the workforce and to develop
targeted career-based programs to
encourage integration into the construction
industry and to LOC member company

During the event, speeches and testimonials were given by
League of Champion members including from (IHSA, Frame, Gillian,
Aecon and Harbridge + Cross) outlining their involvement in the
construction industry and how health & safety has impacted their
lives, careers and local communities.

Ron Keluskey Ontario’s (CPO) Chief Prevention Office was a guest speaker at this event informing students that, “we all have a role to play in promoting workplace health and safety. The Ministry of Labour promotes a three tier (IRS) Internal Responsibility System where safety is the responsibility of all workers, managers and oversight from the Ministry of Labour. Together we can promote a strong health & safety culture across of the province of Ontario”. 

Harbridge + Cross supports the role students will play in the continued growth of the construction industry and does this by participating in local co-op programs with many schools including
George Brown College. Currently we have open positions for the summer Co-Op placement with George Brown College and Lambton College for Project Coordinator positions. All applicants are encouraged to apply with their co-op department.

At Harbridge + Cross we are committed to Health & Safety and the development of our Youth. Investments in our youth today will yield positive investments in our industry and company tomorrow